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Visual identity, print or digital creation, signage, printing, website, natural and paid referencing, video production, photo shoots, marketing, training: discover some of my creations.




What is a graphic charter?

These are the "ten commanders" of your visual identity, explaining how and under what conditions your logo and visual elements can be used. It also includes visual documentation and templates to apply your identity consistently (logo, typography, colors, graphic elements, icons, use of images, illustrations and photographs...)

As part of the creation of L'Escuroise - Trail & Marches, the association contacted me to support them in their print and digital communications.

Several requests have been submitted  (launch of their Facebook page and Instagram account, community management of these pages, strategy and axis of communication, event video, photo report, communication media and impressions including: posters, banners, flyers, t-shirts, etc.) including the creation of a graphic charter and their logo.

Through this logo I wanted to highlight simplicity and sobriety while highlighting the practice of "Trail" with the icon representing a mountain.

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